Irene. Rustic Farmhouse side table.

Do you love reclaimed furniture?

We hand built this reclaimed rustic side table that is perfect for any home decorating style. Barn and Brick Co. loves mixing rustic design with farmhouse decor. 

rustic farmhouse style

What makes for some great picking? A Hurricane.

August 21, 2011 Hurricane Irene took a vacation from the Caribbean and headed up to the North East. Living in the Adirondacks at the time we felt the full effects of this tropical doozy. Rivers, creeks, and lakes jumped their banks and roads were rendered impassible. When the water receded we were left with piles of spectacularly random objects. We cruised around and loaded our trailer with twisty driftwood as well as formally domesticated wood (table tops, fencing, 2x4's, etc).  


This is where Irene the side table was born. 

We found this gorgeous table top in pieces. After carefully restoring the table top we began building the base. Using several twisty pieces of driftwood and roots we secured them all together using a large lag bolt that was found in the rubble. The roots were amazing with their negative spaces where river stones had once blocked the growing root. The small stretcher brace still shows this in two places where the wood curls and twists. 

Now Irene is completed and ready for her next adventure.