Barn and Brick Piano Bar

This piano bar has already found an amazing new home. Contact us today if you are interested in a piano bar for your house or bar.

The Piano: The founder of Kroeger Pianos, Henry C. Kroeger, worked as a lead designer and builder at the famous Steinway & Sons Piano company before going out on his own. He later brought on his sons, Henry Jr and Otto, and formed Kroeger & Sons Piano Co. Gildemeester & Kroeger was formed when P.J. Gildemeester joined  Kroeger and Sons Piano in 1890 and lasted until 1896. Their instruments were known to be of exceptional build and quality. We estimate this piano to be around 126 years old.

The Former Owners: Barn & Brick found this piano in the quiet town of Athol, NY. Sitting on Jack’s porch the piano was often played by his grandchildren when they came to visit. Jack was a kind man that loved talking about living in New Jersey before venture to the stillness of the ADK’s. His homemade basil marinara sauce and sweet barbecue sauce were always for sale during the annual town-wide garage sales each year. Before Jack, the original owner of the home and piano was a piano teacher. She gave lessons children around Warrensburg,NY for decades on this piano. She was part of the French resistance in the 1940’s before emigrating to the US and settling in the region. 

The Repurpose: Our passion is reviving amazing old pieces to give them a new life. This piano was the perfect candidate. Each year we set out to create something special to donate to the Double H Ranch Gala. We put our heads together with Robin, from the ranch, and decided to build a piano bar. Our goal was to keep as much of the essence of the original piano as possible while still creating a functional and subtly designed focal point. We tore the entire piano down and reused the pieces in new ways. The bar surface is birds eye maple that was originally facing inside the piano and not seen for more than one hundred years.  We flipped it around, stripped it, and refinished it. Custom wine glass holders were added to the top. We also used reclaimed oak, cut angled holes, and mounted them to hold 8 wine bottles in a way that accented the overall piece. Our final touch was to add custom L.E.D lighting around the perimeter of the piano to really make a statement.