ADK Cherry. Custom Cherry Farmhouse table.

Farmhouse tables have been all the rage for the last 200 years. These are the quintessential American table. Simple rustic design that brings a beautiful  statement to the place where your family gathers for meals. 

We love farmhouse design for so many reasons. It represents a tasteful homage to the history of our country. When families needed a new piece of furniture or clothing 100 years ago they couldn't go to the nearest mall or shopping center and buy it. They had to hand build it from what they had around them. Old tables would be made longer to accommodate growing families. Very little was thrown away and things were made to last. Design was created out of function and utility. That simple aesthetic is what drives us to create heirloom quality pieces that fit perfectly in your home. 

ADK Cherry Farmhouse Table with simple X legs. 

We built this table and bench for a young family in Vermont. They needed a table that could fit in their 1800's farmhouse and accommodate a growing family. We sat down together and got to know their tastes and design preferences and then designed this table and bench specifically for them. 

The top. 

A table with character. We used some gorgeous reclaimed cherry from the Adirondacks. Double bread-board style inserts added an extra 3' for holiday gatherings and family functions. This wood was cut in Saranac Lake and dried for years in an old shed. The light and dark grain pattern is rare and we loved it. It is accented by knots and bug marks to give it an even more rustic flair. 


Look at those legs.

The legs are reclaimed barn beams approx 4"x4" sized and set up in an X design. The stretcher on this table was one of our favorite pieces of wood. It had amazing bug markings that added a wicked "patina texture" to the overall piece.


A bench for 3.

This cute little bench was a simple design that matched well with the table. We used a mix of reclaimed oak, barn wood with original red paint, and hemlock. A little sanding and planing brought this wood to another level. 



We still have some of these Cherry boards left.

If you have a pinterest board full of your dream tables and would love to have a custom table built, please contact us today and let's make it happen!